Website and logo for the plastic surgery and cosmetology clinic "Bcode"

Plastic surgeons — designers of the body. Their site is laconic and beautiful, like all designers have.

Minimalistic style directs to services and helps to remember the brand. There are no photos of visitors and surgery attributes. Abstract images instead.

List adapts to the screen resolution for maximum convenience.

The primacy of the content. Page divided into sections to quickly find the desired information.

Separate special template for a price list.

Reviews are important for decision-making.

Photos of employees perceived positively.

The visitor is sure about specialist qualification.

Description, beautiful interiors and all documents.

Full stylized Google map.

One of the objectives was site updatable over time. We rejected the styling in favor of working with the background color:
Old website



Intermediate versions of the main page
  • Director

    Alexander Ermolov

  • Designer

    Yana Mityunina

  • 3D models

    Ann Roach

  • Structure

    Nastya Sunnytarova

  • Frontend-programmer

    Alexey Lapin

  • 3D animation

    Dmitry Akimov

  • Backend-programmer

    Valentin Glinskiy