Event Ticket Sales Website, Interface, Logo and Printing


To develop the best-in-breed ticket sales website for events of all kinds.

We have developed several logo variants for the client to choose.

To broaden the portal’s visual communication horizons, we have also developed a series of printing products, including individual business cards, corporate business card, VIP cards, as well as specially designed holiday envelopes for ticket delivery.

We managed to create a website capable of announcing over 1,000 events and yet stay clear and user-friendly, without unnecessary information. It was a real challenge, as there are dozens of events meant for the most diverse audience.

Some prefer to choose a concert, exhibition, performance or sport match from “the best selection”, others look only for the weekend events or are interested in some particular category, still others already know the name of the event and search the website for it.

One may search the website not only by event, but also by concert hall, category, etc. On entering your query you’ll see the immediate results, which allows to jump to the necessary page without making extra clicks. All filters, categories and lists can be easily customized allowing to get results even for the most original queries.

There’re events of all kinds on the website – from concerts or artist international tours to football matches or musicals running for several months. We have developed a user-friendly ticket order form for all possible events.

Thus, we have managed to create an elegant and clear interface.

Bonus systems, social login, etc. – we have done everything to make the website as user-friendly as possible, stimulating visitors to come back.

Traditionally, there was more than one variant…



  • Director

    Alexander Ermolov

  • Programmer

    Dmitry Eroshenko

  • Designers

    Nikita Khvostikov

    Eugene Glavnitsky

    Andrey Gorin