WebGL game Digital Trip

The goal

To tell about modern technologies and capabilities of the Internet.

For browsers, everything is possible

Browsers fit perfectly for rich interactive media content like games or ads. Use of full-fledged 3D has already come to reality for them.

Favicon likes catmode :3

Musician Ilya Baramiya has created a score specially for this game

You can control the game by using keyboard or webcam or even mobile device.

  • Coins are real!
  • Such doge!
  • WOW!
  • Very marketing!

Right when the game is finished, you can receive cryptocoins you've earned


Design ideas not present in final release

Game objects are designed to show major facets
of Internet experience

Usage of cute cats can lead to unexpected consequences


  • Director

    Alexander Ermolov

  • Programmer

    Dmitry Akimov

  • Designers

    Andrey Gorin

    Ann Roach

  • Privy councillors

    Dmitry Eroshenko

    Nastya Sunnytarova

  • Musician

    Ilya Baramiya